Alfons Foubert

Engineering Leadership Coach

Being a great tech doesn’t make you a good leader,
neither you have to born a leader to become one.

Este soy yo, Alfons Foubert

I’ll help you establishing and achieving the goals to enhance your leadership aptitudes or the ones from your technical teams.

Alfons Foubert, husband, father, coach.

I am Alfons Foubert, team leader and technical chairman in many software companies for 10 years now, and leadership coach since 2019.

I started my career as a software developer, and I’ve been lucky to receive the necessary support and guidance to evolve my professional profile to my current vocation: Engineering Leadership Coach.

I’d like to do my bit in this society by improving the software development teams’ well-being , and thus, the results and product quality of their companies, by guiding and helping to grow their team leaders.

My services:

I can contribute to your professional profile or in your company by helping to improve the leadership skills through:

Individual leadership sessions.

Coaching or mentorship.

Group trainings or workshops.

On-site or remotely.

Tailor-made solutions.

Let’s talk and we’ll find the best solution for your company.

Let’s talk?

Book here your first free personal consultation session through video call.
I’ll be delighted to hear and comprehend your case, and discover what we’ll achieve.

My latest articles

Making a Change of Directions

Hi all! As you may have noticed I’ve decreased the amount of content I publish in my blog lately. The reason behind it is that the video and audio content I’m producing in Spanish along with the coaching sessions are keeping me very busy. For that reason I’ve decided to put a stop publishing content…

How to change a habit

Hello everybody!, today I want to share with you a small portion of a training I made for a company about helping people change habits along with the TLDR; section. Again it’s in Spanish but I hope you like it anyways.

How to Manage Conflicts in Growing Companies

Today I want to share with you the talk I gave at the Breakfast & Work MeetUp Event organised by InnoIT in video along with a written summary for my TLDR; followers. Even though it’s in spanish I hope you like it!


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